There are numerous resources to collect in Tower of Fantasy. Many of these can be spent to purchase items, gear, and more. But some have other uses, like cooking. This includes mushrooms, broccoli, and honey. Portunids can be tricky to locate, which may leave you wondering where to find Portunids in Tower of Fantasy.

All Portunids locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, check out the interactive map for Tower of Fantasy. You can find Portunids in Tower of Fantasy in the locations below.

Coastal Aesperia

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

How to get Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

Portunids can be found at certain beaches in Tower of Fantasy. Scouring these locations above will lead you to these delectable crabs. All you have to do is attack them, and you will be able to collect this delicious crab meat.

What to do with Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

Portunids are ingredients in cooking recipes. Alternatively, you can eat them raw, but they only provide a small boost to Satiety. Some missions will require specific resources, and you will encounter one for Portunids in Tower of Fantasy.

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