Scavenging resources and materials is a key aspect of any survival game and this is true of the multiplayer survival game Icarus. These resources often are the difference between life and death and allow the player to tame the world around them. One material players should be looking for is platinum.

To find platinum in Icarus, you will have to seek out caves and find platinum ore inside. Platinum ore is rare, so you will likely have to search many caves before you find this ore. Once you have located it, you will need at least a steel pickaxe to mine platinum. Lesser quality pickaxes are no good for mining platinum.

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Platinum is primarily used for crafting tools. These tools are of great quality, durability, and power so getting your hands on them should be a priority. It will take you some time to build up your tech tree and equipment before you can start crafting with platinum though.

When searching for and mining platinum, be wary of the cave worms that occupy caves. You should take them out quickly with a bow and arrows before attempting to mine this precious mineral.

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