When you awake in this little camp in Greak: Memories of Azur., you can find a quest called Scout Training from Zack to the east of this camp. To complete this quest, you need to defeat five Plague Crawlers, and Zack (the quest giver) will teach Greak a new fighting technique.

Plague Crawlers are the enemy you fought against at the start of the game. But you cannot go to the same location to defeat them. Instead, you need to go to Velhora Waterfalls, which is to the west of Raven’s Road Camp.

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Most of the enemies here are plaguelike in nature, so finding five crawlers shouldn’t be an issue. The Plague Crawlers are the enemy that stands on two legs to fight you, not the ones that crawl on the ground trying to maul your face off. Check the image below for what they look like.

Defeat five of these horrible creatures and return to Zack, and get ready to learn a new technique, the Landing Attack. An attack you can perform while jumping in the air to hit ground targets.

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