Genshin Impact has many different materials and resources to find throughout its world. These resources have many uses, including cooking. One such material that you might think to cook with is pine cones. Unfortunately, the only way to get pine cones in Genshin Impact is in the wild.

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To find pine cones in Genshin Impact, you will need to look at the base of fir trees. Their thin trunks and branches can identify these. These branches appear as jagged and bushy foliage starting partway up the tree. Some good areas to search for fir trees and pine cones are:

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  • Brightcrown Mountains – Mondstadt
  • Wolvendom – Mondstadt
  • Qingce Village – Liyue

Once you spot pine cones lying on the ground, you simply need to walk up to them and collect them. Then, with a good supply of pine cones, you will be able to start cooking up some food. Recipes that use pine cones are Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, Sautéed Matsutake.

Search the above areas and keep your eyes peeled for fir trees to collect the most pine cones. These prickly wonders can whip up some delicious food when you are in a pinch!

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