The Pear Trees and Him Hidden Story is one of the most bug-filled Hidden stories found in Lost Ark. It is located in the Towering Orchard Area in East Luterra.

Where is the Pear Trees and Him Hidden Story?

Within Flowering Orchard, there is a place that is next to a Waystone but before the entrance to Sunbright Hill. It is a forest of trees that have many bugs around. There are three required locations for the player to reach. The map below shows each location, which must be visited in numerical order.

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The first page

It’s easy to spot the first one since, when you go to the area on the map, this tree will be all alone. The message “a page under a pear tree” appears when you investigate in front of the tree. If you get close enough to investigate, a bunch of bugs will appear, but they’re easy to kill.

The second page

This tree has a lantern with blue stuff inside. The player has to go behind the tree instead of directly in front of it. It is easier to find the tree because it has a basket. You will get the same “a page under a pear tree” message when you investigate. It will not spawn any bugs after you explore it because the way to the tree is littered with bugs.

The third page

This tree is the biggest one you’ll have seen so far. The third has an investigation spot right in front of it. Investigate for the same “a page under a pear tree” message. There are bugs right in front of the tree when you arrive, it’s incredibly hard to miss.

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