Dinkum is a life simulator game developed by James Bendon for Microsoft Windows platforms. The game allows players to explore the island, collect resources, build, and survive. Here’s a guide on where to find palm trees and how to farm wood in Dinkum.

Where are Palm Trees located in Dinkum?

Palm trees are located in various locations around the Dinkum island. Although they are present in abundance throughout the map, the northern area of the island has a vast spread of palm trees. You can also find these trees in plentitude along the coastline of the landmass.

To harvest a palm tree, equip your axe and approach it. You can strike down the tree in a few hits with your tool and then collect the palm seed and palm wood from the ground. Palm wood is a useful item that you can keep in your inventory and use to build certain structures and tools.

Before you go looking for palm trees in the wilderness, make sure that you have acquired the following two things:

  • Logging License: You need to purchase this license from Fletch to be able to purchase axes and chop down trees. It costs 250 Permit Points that can be accumulated overtime by completing Milestones from your in-game journal.
  • Basic Axe: Initially, you can purchase a Basic Axe for 1,200 Dinks from John or any other shopkeeper on the island.

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