Some of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s yummiest seafood dishes aren’t made with any fish that you catch via its fishing mini-game. There are three varieties of shellfish found by foraging for them. The rarest of these is the oyster. Here’s where you can find them and a unique dish to cook with them, too.

Where to get Oysters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Oysters, like clams and scallops, can be found along the coastline in the Dazzle Beach Biome. Look for a shell on the ground that’s a deeper shade of blue and smoother than scallops. Oysters have a lower spawn rate than clams and scallops, but do not appear to have any requirements to spawn such as time of day or weather. We have good luck finding rarer ingredients on the small island south east of the coast line of Dazzle Beach, where the orb pillar is.

Recipes you can make with Oysters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can use oysters for any shellfish in a recipe. They will add more value and energy than clams or scallops. You could also save them back, since they are rarer. However, there is only one dish that requires you cook with oysters:

  • Oyster Platter: oyster and lemon.

While it might be wise to save back a handful of oysters in case you need them for a quest, it’s probably worth it to use them to boost a dish’s value. Or you can sell them outright to Goofy for 250 star coins a piece.

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