If you are trying to complete the Inferno Saga quest in Tribes of Midgard’s saga mode, then you must find Outposts. Outposts are unique buildings that players can find spread throughout all biomes in the game. These buildings will hold Lavaettir enemies and an honor guard of Brennalfar elves protecting the outpost. That said, you can find Outposts via their unique volcano icons on the map, as shown below.

At these Outpost locations, you must climb a set of stairs fighting several groups of lavaettir and Brennalfar Archers and warriors. We recommend bringing strong damage dealing weapons and, if possible, make weapons with cold elemental damage. In short, both Lavaettir and Brennalfar elves are weak to cold damage, so we recommend making the following weapons to help fight them:

  • Utgard Skeggox
  • Utgard’s Bow
  • Fronjot’s Axe

Along with cold weapons, making armor such as the Gullveig armor set will help protect your character from fire attacks from both Lavaettir and Brennalfar elves. After making decent weapons and armor, you are ready to start raiding Outposts. 

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

How to find more Outposts to raid in Tribes of Midgard

If you need to find more Outposts for special resources required to get to the Volcanic spire biome, you must keep raiding Outposts. In short, if you raid one Outpost and loot the chest at the top of the stairs, you will get a map leading you to another Outpost in your game. We recommend farming Outposts one after another until you manage to get enough resources required to get to the Volcanic spire biome.

Why do you need to find Outposts in Tribes of Midgard?

If you are wondering what the point of raiding Outposts in Tribes of Midgard is, it’s simple. In short, you need to loot the chests at the top of Outposts to get Muspelite to open the gateway that leads to the Volcanic Spire. In total, you will need over 10 Muspelite along with 3k souls, 50 event fragments, and 20 Ancient Cores to open the Gateway to the Volcanic Spire biome. 

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