Many recipes require fruit, most especially Orange. This can be anything from dessert to medicine like Sour Drop candy, which can raise resistance. However, nobody in Rigbarth sells Orange and it’s never even given as a request reward.

So, where on not-earth do you find one?

How to get Orange

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Oranges grow on Orange Trees in Phoros Woodlands. Warp to the region’s entrance and move a few paces forward. In Phoros Uplands, near the crossroad, look to your left. There’s a huge tree that produces Oranges.

The Orange will need to be plucked using your SEED capturer. Hold ZL, aim at a fruit, and let your seal loose! The tree bears new fruit every morning.

Oranges can also be grown in farms but you can’t do this until you’ve received the Foresight Crest. The Foresight Crest is given to you once you raise your SEED rank enough. You can raise your SEED rank by subjugating monsters.

Once you have the Foresight Crest, occasionally visit these two locations:

The lone tree stump in Phoros Woodlands

The tall vine tree in the Kelve Volcanic Region

The seed won’t be visible without the Foresight Crest. And even with the crest equipped, the ground won’t sparkle. Move near the location to see if there’s a seed. The type of fruit seed you get is random and the area won’t spawn one every day. But if you get lucky, it’s one for an Orange Tree!

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