Fortnite is slowly adding new NPCs to the map for Chapter 2 Season 8. With every new NPC, the completionist in us must know where to find them to complete our NPC collection book for the season. In this guide, we explain where to find NPC #23: Ragsy!

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In the map above, you can see that Ragsy is at Risky Reels, the large landmark movie theatre directly north of The Aftermath. It is also directly West of Corny Complex. Ragsy is usually walking around the northeastern corner of the area.

Since NPCs have patrol paths, Ragsy might move around the area, and the image might not represent their exact location. The easiest way to find an NPC once you have approached their approximate location is to look for the Chat Bubble icon on your minimap. This icon represents NPCs available nearby. Walk towards that icon, and you’ll be able to find Ragsy.

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