The latest 19.10 patch update in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has brought a new NPC to the island named Haven. She is a character from this season’s battle pass, and players will need to know where to find NPC #21 Haven to complete several challenges.

NPC #21 Haven is currently located at the Haven’s Oasis landmark. For reference, players need to travel east of Chonker’s Speedway or southwest from Rocky Reels. You will find Haven right in front of a circular Seven hut and simply interact with her to get free loot. 

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Haven currently sells the newly added healing item Klomberry for around 25 gold bars. NPC #21 Haven also sells the rare Ranger Assault Rifle for 50 gold bars. Players can also activate a rift from this NPC for around 245 gold bars.

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You can only purchase only four Klomberry from Haven to feed Klomos who is located east of this landmark. However, there are three Klomberry plants right behind the hut which can be used to complete the milestone quest. Drop down at this new landmark to collect Klomberry and feed Klomos, and quickly rotate by activating a rift.

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