In the latest patch for Fortnite, many players noticed that three new characters were added to the collection list but were not actually added to the map. However, along with Clark Kent and Armored Batman, Beast Boy has been added to the island! Use the guide below to see where you can find him to complete your collection.

Beast Boy's location in Fortnite.

True to his nature, Beast Boy can be found in the wild. He has made his home in Weeping Woods, likely to be with his follow beasts in nature. You can find him walking around the bridge on the western half of the Weeping Woods campsite.

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The image above provides a rough estimate of where you’ll find him. NPCs have patrol paths, so unfortunately there is no way to pinpoint his exact location. However, when you go to Weeping Woods, you can easily find Beast Boy by looking at your map and going to the chat bubble icon (which represents an NPC location).

Beast Boy and his girlfriend Raven were introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 6, but until now, we haven’t seen him on the island. Now he is available for players to interact with and receive quests from to help unlock the Clark Kent outfit!

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