The latest collaboration in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 features Nathan Drake from the Uncharted franchise, which brought new cosmetics and Drake’s Map to the game. Players can check out the Uncharted Bundle in the Item Shop, which has Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake outfit from the movie. 

The Drake’s Map can be found in the battle royale mode as floor loot, or in chest spawns. While there is no specific location for this item, players will have a better chance of finding Drake’s Map as floor or chest loot at major POIs and unnamed landmarks. 

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once players equip the treasure map in their inventory, a bright yellow light will lead toward a buried treasure nearby. As always, X marks the spot, just like in adventure movies. Pickaxe the X mark and the buried chest will pop out, bearing high-tier loot.

Finding Drake’s Map is super rare as of now, since it rewards players with the best loot options. It is highly likely you’ll find multiple Legendary weapons in the buried treasure chests, along with shield potions and building materials.

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