There are many resources to collect in the open-world survival game Praey for the Gods. These resources are used to craft various recipes and maintain your equipment. This all comes in handy when battling the massive bosses across the land. One ingredient that will be helpful is mushrooms.

To find mushrooms in Praey for the Gods, you must locate caves. This is the only place we have discovered mushrooms so far. Once inside, look up on the walls, and you should see several mushrooms. They will glint to help you spot them. Simply climb the wall and collect them.

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Mushrooms are helpful because they are used in potion crafting. Potions are an excellent way to restore your health, stamina, or sleep. Keeping these attributes filled is crucial to survival, especially in harder difficulties.

You will naturally come across many of Praey for God’s resources, but mushrooms will be harder to find since you need first to find a cave. Fortunately, once you find a cave, mushrooms are plentiful inside.

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