There are many items, weapons, and equipment in Naraka: Bladepoint. These are found while exploring the map and can be looted. Some of these are environmental items that do not show up on the map and have no prompt to interact with them.

One of these environmental objects is mushrooms. They can be found in dark places that have shelter from the sun and are usually attached to a rock face or a tree. They can be spotted from their purple glow.

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Mushrooms can aid a player in a battle. By attacking them with a melee weapon or ranged weapon, the mushroom will release a cloud of toxic spores. This cloud will damage any player caught in it regardless of if they attacked it or not. This means that the mushroom can be used defensively but you also have to be careful not to get caught in the cloud yourself.

Once a player has stepped into a mushroom’s spore cloud, they will take lingering damage. This damage can up to two-thirds of your health and can kill you as well as other players. Using mushrooms during combat can catch your opponent off guard and score you a kill.

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