Cooking and eating are crucial in Tower of Fantasy as it is one of the primary ways to heal outside of a Simulacra that can heal. While you can find many ingredients by exploring the world, some can only be purchased from Food Vendors. This may leave you wondering how to find Food Vendors, such as Mrs. Taylor in Astra.

Where to find the Food Vendor in Astra in Tower of Fantasy

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The Food Vendor in Astra is Mrs. Taylor, and she can be found by following the river leading out of the Astra Shelter. Follow the river until you spot the ruins and a small structure to the right of it. Mrs. Taylor is found here, along with a cooking station. The coordinates for Mrs. Taylor’s location is -786.6, 775.0.

All ingredients sold by Mrs. Taylor in Tower of Fantasy

Mrs. Taylor sells a handful of ingredients in Astra that can be used in various recipes. These ingredients can only be purchased from her and other Food Vendors in Tower of Fantasy. Here are all items you can purchase from Mrs. Taylor, the Astra Food Vendor in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Salad Dressing – 60 Gold
  • Onion – 60 Gold
  • Rice – 60 Gold
  • Milk – 60 Gold
  • Carbonated Water – 40 Gold

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