Everybody starts somewhere. To get started fishing in Genshin Impact, one of the first places you’ll need to visit is the Mondstadt Fishing Association. Read on for more info about where to find him and what you’ll need from him.

Where is Nantuck, Mondstadt’s Fishing Association Vendor in Genshin Impact

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Just to the north and east outside of the city walls is Nantuck. You’ll find him casting his own line into Cider Lake while he plots his very own whale of a tale.

What you can get at the Mondstadt Fishing Association in Genshin Impact

The most important thing Nantuck will sell you are Formulas for crafting fishing baits, other than the fruit paste bait, which is given to you automatically. He also can give you a rod that makes fishing in Mondstadt easier, but only in exchange for a fair sum of fish.

ItemItem descriptionAmount of fish you need
Formula: Redrot BaitBait blueprintMedaka x 3
Formula: False Worm BaitBait blueprintMedaka x 3
Formula: Fake Fly BaitBait blueprintMedaka x 3
WindtanglerMondstadt’s unique fishing rodMedaka x 20
Aizen Medaka x 20
Venomspine Fish x 20
Tea-Colored Shirakodai x 20
Fishing Line StabilizerGadget that can make fishing easierMedaka x 3

How to craft Fishing Bait in Genshin Impact

Ready to get started casting lines? First you’ll need to craft the bait at an alchemy table. You get 10 pieces of bait each time you craft.

Bait typeIngredients needed
Fruit Paste BaitSunsettia x 1
Wheat x 1
Redrot BaitDendrobium x 1
Fowl x 1
False Worm BaitSlime Condensate x 1
Berry x 1
Fake Fly BaitSakura Bloom x 1
Horsetail x 1
Sugardew BaitHarra Fruit x 1
Sumeru Rose x 1

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