There are nine variants of Mole Miners in Fallout 76, and you will occasionally need to find them either to complete quests, challenges, or even farm certain items. That said, the following are the best locations to find mole miners in the game.

  • Monongah Power Plant
  • Brim Quarry
  • The Burning Mine
  • Lucky Hole mine
  • Uncanny Caverns
  • Welch
  • Hornwright Industrial headquarters SubLevel
  • South Cutthroat camp
  • Monongah
  • Mount Blair trainyard
  • Blackwater mine
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
  • Mount Blair
  • Hornwright testing site 2
  • Hornwright testing site 3
  • Hornwright testing site 4

Overall, mole miners are not hard to find and tend to be common creatures found in the Ash Heap region. However, we especially recommend looking for them in various locations such as Welch and Monongah Power Plant, as you can almost always find miners in both locations.

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 If you don’t find any mole miners in one of these locations, it could be that other players already killed them. So if that’s the case, the best thing to do would be to find another server or checking another location on the list. 

Once you kill around ten mole miners or the amount challenge says, you should complete it. But challenges are not the only thing you should consider with mole miners, as they are also a good source for various scrapable materials such as steel and gears. 

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