Lost Ark features numerous collectibles to find throughout its many different areas. Some of these are easily found while others are not. One that can be tricky to find is Mokoko Seeds, as there are many of them.

Mokoko Seeds can be difficult to find as they are hidden in each area. We recommend using an interactive map to locate each Mokoko Seed. There are numerous of them, so it can be easy to miss one or overlook one. Once you are close to one, it will glow and allow you to interact with it.

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Each area shows you the collectibles there, and Mokoko Seeds are one. Use this or your own system to track how many you have found in each area. You can trade in your Mokoko Seeds for various items such as cards, ship crew, and more. Many of these are not obtainable otherwise.

Even with a map, it can be challenging to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. Some will be in the open, while others can be hidden behind objects and even invisible walls. Keep your eyes peeled, and you will find more Mokoko Seeds than you can handle!

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