While playing through Lost Ark, you’ll notice that certain bosses are required to be defeated in order to complete your Adventurer’s Tome. These bosses are known as World Bosses and can be some of the most challenging that you’ll face in the game. One of these bosses is known as Moake who resembles a large chameleon.

You can find this boss in the northeast area of Tikatika Colony directly above Aira Pond as highlighted below in red. This boss does have a large health bar so it would be wise to go in with an Item Level of at least 1415. You will also need to search your in-game calendar for this boss when you’d like to fight to track it down. This will be the best way to track which World Bosses you’ve fought and which are still left.

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How to defeat Moake in Lost Ark

There are several different battle mechanics that Moake will put players through during the three phases of this fight. We’ve listed them all below in order of amount of damage:

  • Flash
    • Moake will release a flash of light that stuns players.
  • Caustic Fumes
    • The boss will spew fire from its mouth and tail.
  • Ground Slam
    • The boss will jump up high and slam down on the ground.
  • Body Roll
    • Moake will roll up like a ball and damage any players that it rolls into.
  • Tail Whip
    • Moake will turn around and swipe its tail at players.
  • Breath and Beam
    • The boss will curl its tail up and shoot green and purple energy waves that sweep left and right.
  • Caustic Blast
    • Moake will send out a shockwave after charging at players.
  • Sun Blast
    • A spot of light will appear on the ground and detonate on anyone who steps in it.
  • Freeze Flowers
    • Moake will summon four flowers that have a freezing aura to freeze players where they stand.
  • Freeze Beams
    • Moake will shoot a different green and purple energy wave that inflict freeze on players.
  • Freeze Blast
    • Moake will breathe in freezing air and then blow it back out at players.
  • Flame Flowers
    • Moake will summon four flame flowers that will inflict burn on players then leave a fire pit where they land.
  • Ball and Beam
    • Moake creates fireballs and inflicts burns on impact.

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