Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the latest entry in the long-running monster-catching franchise, but this release comes with a twist. Players can explore an open world as they aim to create the world’s first Pokédex. Making the first Pokédex involves tracking hundreds of wild creatures in the Hisui region, including Gen IV’s baby Pokémon, Mime Jr.

Mime Jr.’s Location

Players can find Mime Jr. in the following areas in Pokémon Legends: Arceus:

  • Obsidian Fieldlands: Mime Jr. lives in the Horshoe Plains and Sandgem Flats subsection of this map.
    • Mime Jr.’s evolution, Mr. Mime, can be found in Sandgem Flats.

We’ve listed Mime Jr.’s location below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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How to catch Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. is an uncommon spawn in the Obsidian Fieldlands and can be hard to spot because of its small stature. Keep your eyes out and try to sneak up on this Psychic / Fairy Pokémon for a quick catch. Standard Pokéballs are efficient when confronting this creature.

Mime Jr.’s Evolution

To evolve, Mime Jr. players must meet the following requirements.


  • Mime Jr. Evolves into Mr. Mime when leveled up while knowing the Mimic move.

Once you’ve leveled Mime Jr. up when it knows Mimic, head to the satchel and initiate Mime Jr.’s evolution by pressing X to start the evolution.

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