With many flowers growing all around your Village in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be a bit confused with all the varieties and colors. There’s daisies, hydrangeas, and two types of Penstemons. As you progress even further in the game, you might find that you need Milkweed Flowers. Here’s where to find them.

Where to pick Milkweed Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Milkweed Flowers grow in the Glade of Trust. It’s a Biome that requires 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock. There are five different colors of Milkweed Flowers: Blue, Orange, Orange & Red, Purple, and White. The Orange & Red Milkweed Flower is the rarest, but does not appear to have any specific spawn requirements like time of day or weather.

All Flower Varieties by Biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s what flower varieties you can find in each Biome:

  • Plaza: Falling Penstemon, Dandelion.
  • Peaceful Meadow: Rising Penstemon, Daisies.
  • Dazzle Beach: Hydrangea, Sunflower.
  • Forest of Valor: Star Lily, Bell Flower.
  • Glade of Trust: Milkweed.
  • Sunlit Plateau: Houseleek, Bromeliad.
  • Frosted Heights: Passion Lily.
  • The Forgotten Lands: Nasturtium, Impatients.

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