After speaking to the Storyteller and choosing a dialogue option regarding a curious belt, players will be tasked by the Storyteller in a quest to gather up a total of five magic essence in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

To gather a total of five magic essence, you will need to gather items called magic essence from several locations in the game, all of which have quests leading to them.

For the first location for magic essence, you will need to search the Black Libbarry secret room. You can find the secret room as shown below, and looting all containers will get you the first magic essence you need.

You can also locate the secret room by having a character with high perception run towards the wall, as shown below. Doing so will highlight the wall and allow you to open it.

For the next magic essence location in Pathfinder, you will need to search the Estrod Tower basement. Inside a locked room, you can find the magic essence, as shown below.

You can unlock the room either by pick locking it or stealing the key from the old man in the next room. Both options will require decent trickery or diplomacy.

After you get the second magic essence, you gather the rest when you attack the Gray Garrison during The Burning City quest. However, before you complete the quest, make sure to complete everything you possibly can before doing it.

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When you reach the Gray Garrison, the first room you will need to search is the one highlighted in red -this is also where a theifling will disarm a large trap for you.

Inside the room, the magic essence will be in a container loot and then move on to the next room that is highlighted green, as shown above. But before entering the green room, make sure to save and prepare for a fight, as it is filled with a ton of cultists.

Once you clear the green room, carry on until you find the room as shown above. In this room, you will need to pass a mobility check, so make sure to have the character with the highest mobility attempt to do it.

You can get a few more points in mobility if you take your character’s armor off. Also, make sure to save beforehand to reload if needed. If you pass the skill check, you can find the last magic essence in a chest to the left of the book in the middle of the room.

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