Genshin Impact has a way of keeping its players traveling the map, from the north to the south. Liyue Harbor is a highly requested location, and it’s located in the south of the map. Here is a detailed guide on getting to Liyue Harbor, from Dawn Winery.

Starting at Dawn Winery, located to the southwest of Mondstadt city, players will follow the path south, along the coast and reach the area called Stone Gate. Stone Gate will lead players up a large set of stairs to the walkways of a mountain. Continue south until reaching the Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven. Interact with the Statue to reveal the surrounding area and players will see the Wanghu Inn. Head that way and keep south, past Guili Plains, until eventually reaching the Statue of the Seven, north of Liyue Harbor.

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Screenshot of Genshin Impact gameplay

Now, continue on the southern path, until eventually reaching Liyue Harbor. It will become visible on the map, after players interact with the Statue of the Seven.

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