In the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt, your objective is to find a way into the brewery owner’s office. Follow this step-by-step guide for the same and unlock the Into Orbit Rocket Launcher in Far Cry 6.

Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Location

  • Province — Valle De Oro
  • Region — Noventarmas

Your objective location is Star Rocket Brewery situated near Del Toro Port. Although the area is restricted, you will not encounter any guards.

liquid courage treasure hunt location

How to complete the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt

  • Head into the brewery chamber and look for three orange colored valves on the pipeline.
  • For your convenience, we’ve marked the valve positions in the image above.
  • You can access the first valve by climbing the pipes.
  • The second and third pipe valves can be found easily found by following the image.
  • Now head to the brewing machine (shown in yellow box) and rotate the valve to activate it.
  • There will be an explosion which will make a hole in the roof.
  • Grapple up and proceed through the air vents.
  • You’ll find the brewery owner’s corpse and a weapon chest next to it.

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Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Rewards

into orbit unique launcher in far cry 6
  • Into Orbit Unique Launcher — the best lock-on rocket launcher in Far Cry 6
  • 150 XP

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