Kohinorr is one of the World Bosses that you’ll face in Lost Ark as you progress through the game. These bosses needed to be defeated in order to complete the Adventurer’s Tome of each respective area. Kohinorr can be found in Yorn and more specifically, in the northeastern area of Iron Hammer Mine. The area is highlighted below in red.

This boss has a recommended Item Level of 880 and has several health bars to go through. It’s best to find a group of friends to fight them with if you’re looking to go against this boss.

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How to defeat Kohinorr in Lost Ark

Since this boss has a total of 365 million health points, baring down on it will be your best bet when it comes to defeating it. With a group of friends, you’ll have better luck but since fighting this boss is a co-op event, there should be other players nearby to aid you regardless.

When you search your in-game calendar, you can search for whatever boss you’d like to fight to track down the next time you can encounter it. This will be the best way for you to keep track of which World Bosses you’ve fought and which are still left.

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