In Dragon Quest Builders 2, Finn and Gillian will discuss a legendary fish on Angler’s Island. Specifically, they refer to a King Salmon that only lives in the Frozen River in Moonbrooke (the snowy island).

Teleport to the Collapsed Cabin (since you should have already reached this point in the main storyline) and then head south towards the ruins of the Frozen Fortress. You will reach a tall bridge, jump off, and use the windbreaker to sail down to the riverbed and search for large silhouettes in the water. They are King Salmon.

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While fishing, freezing winds won’t harm you. Unfortunately, they will cause injury after you’ve reeled in, so make sure you have some medical items on hand.

It doesn’t matter what size you bring back to Gillian, so bring in the first one you catch. If you want to complete all of the recipes, you can catch more, but you’ll need many healing items due to the blizzard.

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