When players reach the Defender’s Heart Inn portion of Pathfinder, one of the quests they can pick is called The Outcast, which tasks them with finding a cultist called Kaylessa.

To find Kaylessa in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, they will need to visit the marketplace area in the game. If you don’t know where this is, it’s called the market square and can be found south of the Defender’s Heart Inn on the map.

In the market square, players can find Kaylessa wounded in a certain part of the map towards the south of the initial area you have access to. See the image below for where to find her.

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Overall, she is not hard to miss if you know where to look, she will also be sitting near a wall, and you will need to speak to her to continue the quest.

However, you may need to pass a few checks to complete the quest correctly. In our playthrough, we needed someone with high perception, so make sure to bring a companion or have enough points into that.

After speaking to her, you can either let her go or kill her, depends on if you believe her story or not. Once you do either, head back to the quest giver and let them know if you let them go or killed them.

If you let them go, you will need to wait for the other part of the quest to happen towards act three of the game.

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