The Duke can cook the player a number of dishes from items they gather in the game, and one of these items is called juicy game.

How to get Juicy Game in Resident Evil

Players can find and get juicy game from a Blue Bird in the graveyard location of the village after they played through the House Beneviento area of the game. 

They can also find photo inside a shack inside an outhouse behind the northern part of the garden that shows where the bird is. Finding the photo isn’t a requirement but is still a good indication of where the bird is.

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The photo will also look like the one shown above, and it will indicate the location of the bluebird, That being said, you can find this bluebird sitting up in one of the trees in the graveyard, as shown below.

However, if you have trouble locating the bird, it’s up the hill from the maiden of war statute and towards the left side of the gate that takes you to the caste. When you reach the area as described, start looking up in trees, and you should find the bird, and once you kill it, you will be able to have the Duke cook you Tochitura de Pui. 

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