The island of Fortuna is located east of East Luterra between Drumbeat Island and Opher, the Lonely Island. It’s always accessible and doesn’t require you to monitor the Procyon Compass to disembark. The island itself is covered in different jars that each carry different rewards and items inside.

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Island of Fortuna Breakdown

The island itself is a pretty barren one in terms of rewards and collectibles that you can find. The following is everything that you can expect to receive before you leave.

  • Mokoko Seeds
    • There are two Mokoko seeds that you can find as you journey through the island.
  • Island of Fortune Token
    • This token is an RNG drop that you can receive from destroying any of the jars on the island. There are jars everywhere so it will not take long for you to eventually crack open the one with the token inside. The golden jars around the island have a higher chance of spawning the token. Though, after they’ve been destroyed, they take a total of five minutes to respawn.
  • Island Quest
    • The Jar Festival
      • Reward: x6,000 Silver and +1 Charisma

Once you’ve completed this island and received the island token, you can take it over to Opher, the Lonely island a short boat ride away. There, you can count the token towards your collectibles and earn a variety of rewards.

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