Industrial Circuits are some of the most useful things you can get in Far Cry 6 for weapons crafting. If you want to get some of the best weapons in the game, then the likelihood is that you will need to grab some circuits along the way. Well, this is where to find them.

Industrial Circuits are procured from completing missions or purchasing them from specialized vendors that require specific currency (Moneda). Long story short, they are not the easiest things to come by but aren’t half valuable!

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These are how you can get yourself some handy dandy circuits:

  • Buying them from Lola with Moneda: You can find Lola at the three main Guerilla Camps, and she will act as your contact so you can begin playing in co-op. To earn her currency called Moneda, you will have to complete missions that she assigns to you. The more missions you complete, the more currency you will have. You can then use Moneda to purchase Industrial Circuits. Despite her being the co-op contact, you can complete all of her missions solo as well.
  • Los Bandidos Mission Rewards: This may not be as steadfast as simply buying them. However, Bandido missions can at times reward you with Industrial Circuits. The rewards and minor orders received at the end of Bandido missions are randomized, but there’s a good chance of getting one!
  • Selling Alpha Meat: If you are not into the idea of saving up Moneda, then you can get Industrial Circuits from regular vendors/merchants if you have some Alpha Meat to sell to them. To obtain this meat, you will need to kill the Alpha Animals that spawn into the map randomly. However, to do this, you will need to have built and upgraded the Hunter’s Lodge to the point where you have the Animal Anatomy Guide. After that, you get to be an Alpha salesperson! (Sounds like a gym drink…)

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