In Baldo the Guardian Owls you will have multiple quests you can complete. One of these quests is to return Iaddina’s chickens that have gone missing. You can find Iaddina in her field which lies behind your grandpa’s house.

Head down the stairs behind your grandpa’s house and then to the right. Cross the stream and enter the house. Head through the back door and you will find Iaddina in her field. Talk to her and she will ask you to return her chickens.

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The first thing you want to do is push the vine-covered box to open a way into the field. From there, head north to the Owl Tower following her advice that chickens like dark places. Inside, you will find one of the chickens. Unfortunately, a cutscene will trigger and you will lose the chicken. When you exit the tower, head back to Iaddina’s field and you will find the chicken right outside the fence. Carry it to the empty chicken coop to the right of Iaddina.

The second chicken can be found on the Shield Shop which lies below your grandpa’s house to the left. In front of your grandpa’s house are a pond and a tree to the left of it. Carefully walk around the tree and you can make your way on the roof of the Shield Shop. Grab the chicken and place it next to the cliff but not on the chimney. Drop down carefully and then walk back around to the cliff. You will be prompted to pick up the chicken. Bring that chicken back to the same empty coop and you will complete the quest.

Upon completing the quest, Iaddina will thank you and reward you with 10 Dindi which is a currency you can use to purchase items across the land.

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