Where to find Humidora Unique Shotgun in Far Cry 6

Out of the several Unique Shotguns in Far Cry 6, Humidora is best suited for an aggressive playstyle. Its incendiary rounds deal maximum damage at close range. It is also effective at taking out vehicles and checkpoint billboards.

However, you cannot customize weapon blueprints in Far Cry 6, and therefore cannot equip it with a suppressor. Despite this, the Humidora doesn’t underperform at all.

Humidora Unique Shotgun Location

  • Province – Isla Santuario
  • Region – Quito
humidora shotgun location

The Humidora is located on the same island as where you completed the very first missions of Far Cry 6. Head over to the Punto Este Lighthouse situated in the southwest portion of Isla Santuario near Corto Cay.

How to get the Humidora Unique Shotgun

  • Eliminate the guards at the bottom of the tower, if any.
  • Grapple up the lighthouse to reach a ladder.
  • Climb up and you’ll see another grapple hook.
  • Now you are at your objective (yes, it’s that easy).
  • Open the weapon chest to get your Unique Shotgun blueprint.

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Humidora Unique Shotgun Features

humidora unique shotgun in far cry 6
  • Attachment Mods
    • Incendiary Shells – Deals fire damage in a small area. Spreads fire that deals damage over time.
    • Red Dot Sight – Clear close-range optic.
  • Mods
    • Fresh Clip – First shot after reloading deals improved damage.

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