To find Horses in V Rising, you will need to head to Dunley Farmlands. Dunley Farmlands is a 30+ level area in the game, and in locations called Farms, you can find Horses inside stables. To get a Horse, walk up to it and hold the F key, and you will claim the Horse. 

In our game, we found two Horses in the location shown below. We recommend checking similar Farm locations for Horses if the one below does not have one. However, if the location doesn’t have a Horse when you search, it could be that one hasn’t spawned yet, so check back later whenever. 

How to keep Horses Alive in V Rising

Horses are similar to other animals in survival games, where they will need an item to stay alive. All you need to get in V Rising is a Water Canteen and place it inside the Horse’s inventory to keep it alive. The more Water Canteens you place inside the Horse, the longer its survival timer will increase, as shown below. 

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

How to use Horses in V Rising

Once you get a Horse in V Rising, you can then use it as a form of transportation between areas. To ride your Horse, walk up to it and press and hold the F key. Doing so will allow you to ride your Horse at a standard speed. If you want your Horse to go faster, you will need to hit the space bar to use the Gallop ability. Gallop will increase your Horse’s speed, allowing you to get to locations faster in V Rising. 

How to make and fill Canteens 

You can make Canteens inside your inventory by opening up the crafting tab. After opening up the crafting tab, scroll down, and you will find the option to craft Canteens at the bottom of the crafting page. Crafting a Canteen currently costs 4 Leather and 20 Plant Fibers per Canteen. 

That said, craft a few Canteens, and will they finish, you can then take them to a water source to fill them up. While at a water source, place the Empty Canteen inside a slot on your hot bar and press the key it is in. Doing so will fill the Canteen full of water, allowing you to use it for Horses.

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