You can steal military supply drops in Far Cry 6 for in-game items. However, there is an isolated and difficult to access supply drop which lets unlocks the M16-A1 Rifle. Here’s a guide on how to complete the High Supply Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

High Supply Location in Yara

  • Province – Madrugada
  • Region – Lozania
high supply treasure hunt location

The Lozania hills are located to the North-West of Verdera town. The place is easily accessible but the supply drop isn’t. This mission is going to thoroughly test your parkour skills in the game.

How to complete High Supply Treasure Hunt

  • Once at the location, climb a few rocks and grapple up to until you reach a cave.
  • You can see the Lozania Cave in above image.
  • Don’t drop down in the water while trying to go across.
  • Grab the ledges and start moving to the other side. The ledges are shown above for your convenience.
  • After a series of climbing, swinging and grappling, you will now reach the cave’s end.
  • Break the vines blocking the exit and proceed.
  • Once again, climb some vines and rocks until you see the air drop as in the following image.
  • You can grapple your way there.
  • Finally, throw any explosive to remove the rocks blocking your access to the supply drop.
  • Congratulations, the supply is yours now.

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High Supply Treasure Hunt Rewards

m16 a1 rifle in far cry 6
  • M16-A1 Rifle – Highly customizable full-auto Assault Rifle (AR)
  • 1 Supremo Bond
  • 150 XP

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