Help The Orphans Another Story in Lost Ark is in the Arthetine Continent. It is an additional questline that doesn’t require the player to fight any monsters.

Where is the “Help The Orphans” Another Story?

You can find this quest by going to the Totrich Area and walking into Thirsty Sprocket Tavern. Thirsty Sprocket Tavern is west of Gebison Antique Shop and on Clockwork Square’s northwest edge. Once inside, speak to the bartender to start the questline.

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The Help the Orphans questline is just one part of the Children’s Laughter questline, so it will naturally transition to Help The Orphans. The whole questline consists of talking to different NPCs, cooking, and using the Surrender Emote. It does not require a high level or any strong attacks.

The Another Story questlines merely open up a bit of lore to the player, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The questlines are more like filler episodes in an anime.

You should be able to complete this questline in about 20 minutes.

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