The Hellcat Power armor is a new and special suit of armor rewarded at the end of the Steel Reign questline that also has a number of special power armor mods. 

That said, if you want these Hellcat power armor mods in Fallout 76, you can find these power armor mods via the following gold vendor merchants listed below.

  • Regs
  • Mortimer
  • Samuel

At these gold vendor merchants, you will need to buy the power armor mods with gold bullion, which is a special currency that can be obtained from various activities in the game.

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The first is to trade treasure notes that you can earn from public events, faction daily quests, and more. These treasure notes, once obtained, can be traded into gold press machines that can be found at both faction settlements.

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It’s also worth noting that you will need up to 3k bullion for these power armor mods for the Hellcat power armor set, with 3k being for the highest-priced one. That said, we recommend farming treasure notes and redeeming them every day until you hit the limit and have enough to purchase the mods you want.

When you are at this point, feel free to head on over to either Regs at Vault 79, Samuel at Foundation, or Mortimer at the Raiders over at Crater . However, keep in mind that you will need to have at least an ally rating with either the Raiders or Settlers to trade with Samuel and Mortimer.

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