The Head Maid’s Secret Hidden Story is one of the more straightforward Hidden stories found in Lost Ark. It is located in the Lutera Castle Area in East Luterra.

Where is the Head Maids Secret Hidden Story?

You need to go inside Luterra Palace, then head to the most upper-right room. It is to the right of the throne room. Explore the books behind the bookcase at the entrance of the room. You’ll see the message, a wide variety of books here… as you investigate. Below is the map location.

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The area resembles a sitting room with a library. Somebody wrote love letters to the Head Maid, and she kept them hidden from everyone else. It’s an easier secret to discover since you don’t need to leave Luterra Castle, so no danger is involved.

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If you cannot click Investigate, walk behind the bookcase before right-clicking the bookcase. For some reason, the game will let you click the bookcase but won’t let you investigate it until you are directly behind it.

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