There are numerous resources to collect in Tower of Fantasy. You can spend many of these to purchase items, gear, and more. But some have other uses, like cooking. This includes electric eels, potatoes, mushrooms, and more. Hazelnuts can be tricky to locate, which may leave you wondering where to find Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy.

All Hazelnuts locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, check out the interactive map for Tower of Fantasy. You can find Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy in the locations below.

North Aesperia

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

How to get Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

Hazelnuts are extremely rare and largely found in the Navia region. You can spot them lying on the ground and interact with them to pick them up. Most are commonly found on the ground underneath Cetus Island and the surrounding area.

What to do with Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

Hazelnuts are used in cooking recipes. Alternatively, you can eat them raw if you are pressed for health and can’t find a cooking station. They are better if cooked as the bonuses they provide will be better. As Hazelnuts are rare, we recommend picking them up if you come across any and crafting delicious recipes.

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