To find Grayson the Armourer in V Rising, you will need to search for him inside the Bandit Armory location. Inside the Bandit Armory, you can find Grayson the Armourer toward the back of the location in the spot shown below. But before going inside the Armory, we highly recommend raising your Gear Level to at least 27 or 30.

Doing so will allow you to fight Grayson and unlock all of the items you get for killing him. That said, if you want to get to Gear Level 27+, make the following items in V Rising:

  • Complete set of Nightstalker armor: 6 Leather and 4 Coarse Thread per armor piece
  • Copper Weapons: 16 Copper Ingots and 12 Planks apiece
  • Gravedigger Ring: 8 Grave Dust and 40 Mourning Lily
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Making the items listed above that include rings, armor, and weapons will raise your total Gear Level to 30, which will be enough to kill Grayson the Armourer. Once you are Gear Level 30, feel free to fight Grayson, but we recommend bringing along one or two friends if you have trouble.

How to beat Grayson the Armourer in V Rising

Grayson the Armourer is not a hard fight once you are one or two levels above his. But before fighting Grayson, we recommend clearing the area near him to make the battle easier so you can focus on him alone. Once the area is clear, you are ready to face him. Focus on widdling his health down fast as possible. 

If you are by yourself in the fight, we recommend using axesswords, or a spear to attack him. But if you have friends, make sure at least one or two have fast weapons and one has a mace. Besides having the right set of weapons, the fight with Grayson is pretty straightforward. Grayson will have strong melee attacks and will throw down small traps that will make your character walk slow if you step on them. Luckily you can avoid his AOE attacks and traps by using Veil of Blood and moving out of the way.

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