One of the many bosses you will need to fight in V Rising is Goreswine the Ravager. However, finding Goreswine is a bit tricky, but luckily, we figured out where Goreswine likes to hide on the map. You can find Gore Swine the Ravager wandering around the location shown below in Farbane Woods

But before heading to this location in Farbane Woods, you will need to make some preparations. Goreswine the Ravager is a level 27 boss, and so if you are below level, you will have a bad time. That said, we highly recommend raising your Gear Level to 27 or above before fighting Gore Swine. To raise your Gear Level to 27, we recommend making the following set of items in V Rising:

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  • Copper Spear, Mace, Axe, Sword: Making Copper weapons costs 16 Copper Ingots and 12 Planks.
  • Full Set of Night Stalker Armor: Making a complete set of Night Stalker armor costs 6 Leather and 4 Coarse Thread apiece.
  • Blood Rose Ring: Requires 80 Plant Fiber, 30 Blood Rose, and one Bone Ring. The Bone Ring requires 40 bones to make.

Making the items above will raise your total Gear Level to 27, which will be enough to fight and survive the fight with Goreswine the Ravager. However, going past level 27 Gear Level would be a good idea as even with 27 Gear Level, Goreswine can be challenging to beat. 

How to beat Goreswine in V Rising

Beating Goreswine is no small feat in V Rising but is relatively easy if you have beaten similar bosses. In short, Goreswine uses a similar attack pattern to bosses such as Keely the Archer. What this means is that you will need to doge a lotGoreswine also uses many AOE attacks similar to Keely, so you will want to save your Veil of Blood move from getting out of the way quickly. 

Other attacks can be avoided relatively easily by simply moving out of the way. However, all Goreswine’s attacks cause Poison damage, so you will want to avoid taking much damage as possible. If you have trouble taking Goreswine out, we recommend bringing a friend or getting another Vampire to help you out. Two decently leveled players will be more than enough to take Goreswine out.

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