Gold is one of the most common and essential resources in the universe of Age of Empires IV. The valuable mineral is required in almost every aspect of the game ranging from creating first foot soldiers to making fancy buildings. Unlike other resources that are pretty are straightforward to harvest, gold can only be collected and mined from a gold vein. To find a gold vein, you must send a fast-moving character like Scout to explore the outer edges of dense forest outside your base.

To create a scout, follow the steps given below.    

  • Open your town center in the middle of the map and click on the create a Scout (light melee cavalry) button.
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  • After spawning, he will be available for your service outside the town center.
  • Select and use him to explore the undiscovered parts of your map and locate a Gold Vein. 
  • As mentioned before, You are most likely to find a Gold Vein near deep forest edges and connecting path routes. 

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Identifying A Gold Vein

You can identify a Gold Vein by its shiny and glittery appearance. The entire vein looks silvery black with gold patches over its structure. Use the below image for a pictorial reference.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Remember, you can use any particular characters to explore the undiscovered parts of the map. We recommend using a scout only because of his fast movement speed and combat skills.

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