In short, if you are trying to find goats in the recent update for Minecraft, you will need to search mountain biomes towards the tallest peaks and around the surrounding hills next to them. This is because goats have a tendency to spawn around mountains, so you better get climbing if you want to find some

However, why would you even want to find a goat? Well, it’s simple actually goats can mainly offer a new source of food called mutton but also milk if you milk them with a bucket.

But that’s the best thing, the goats will also have a new loot drop called a goat’s horn. This item is basically just a horn, but it most notably makes the same horn sound players can hear during raids.

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If this sounds like your sort of deal, stop before simply slaying the first goat you see.

This is because you can’t get the horn by merely killing the goat. You will instead need to cause the goat to ram into blocks instead.

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Doing so can cause the goat to drop up to two horns when rammed into something. That said, you can cause the goat to ram into blocks by standing in front of it and ticking it off.

Once it gets ready to charge into you, move quickly out of the way, and the goat should ram into blocks instead.

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