Players can find glass bottles in Breakwaters by making a shovel and using it to dig. But before players can use a shovel to find glass bottles, they will first need to make a shovel.

Making a shovel in the game will require ten seagrass, three tree branches, one hardened shell. Once you make the shovel, equip it and then use it by left-clicking on any patch of ground.

You will need to use the shovel to dig for treasure, and one of the treasures you can get is glass bottles. But they won’t be glass bottles just yet. The bottles you will get are called note bottles. To turn note bottles into glass bottles, you will need to pick them up with a few inventory spaces free.

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When you pick them up like this, the bottle will become empty because you will also pick up a treasure map, among other items. Another way to get these note bottles is to search around near beaches. Sometimes there will be one sitting in a random spot.

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How to make a Builder’s Bench in Breakwaters? 

Along with the materials for the shovel, you will also need to build and place a builder’s bench. A builder’s bench is going to cost you eight seagrass and ten tree branches.

That said, all of the resources required for both items are easy to get. You can obtain tree branches from trees by chopping them down with an ax. Seagrass can be found from plants along the beaches and in the water, and hardened shells are obtained from roaming crabs.

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