Elden Ring has seemingly endless possibilities for combat and ways that players can approach encounters. One way that players can battle enemies is with the aid of Spirit Ashes. These summon allies can fight by the player’s side even during boss battles, but you’ll need to find them in the open world. Here’s where you can get the Giant Rat Ashes.

Players can find Giant Rat Ashes in the northwest segment of the Atlus Plateau. Make your way past Volcano Manor and continue until you notice Windmills in the distance.

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Head to West Windmill Pasture once you’ve found your way to the northwest of the Atlus Plateau. Here, you’ll find a horde of rats defending an abandoned facility. Clear out the rats before you continue, as they’ll attack relentlessly.

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Head into the small stable shown below once you’ve dealt with the rats. You’ll notice a glowing object inside. Pick this item up to retrieve the Giant Rat Ashes and add these creatures to your growing list of spirit allies.

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