Enkanomiya is a beautiful region in Genshin Impact, but it can be a bit confusing at times. You’ve likely heard of Ghostfish already but are having trouble finding the strange little creatures. This is because Ghostfish are a lot more stationary than players thought when first entering Enkanomiya.

Ghostfish are schools of fish that can let you glide indefinitely as long as you stay inside their blue light. The only problem is that finding these specters isn’t that easy, and many even mistake the manta rays swimming around Enkanomiya’s islands for Ghostfish, which quickly leads to death.

Please keep in mind that Ghostfish schools will not carry you around the map. You also must stay in the center of the school in order not to start gliding downwards again.

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Ghostfish are found in a few locations across the map that are easy to identify. They are in the pools of water placed around the map, and when you go to the pools, you will notice that they are glowing. You can also find them near Whitenight switches.

Many of the locations where they will appear are linked to Erebos’ Secret World Quest, which also helps to reveal additional islands on the map. In many instances, the ghostfish in the quest will carry you to secret portals to help you reach new locations in Enkanomiya.

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