Materials are required in V Rising to create new gear and to upgrade your castle. Gem Stones is a hugely important resource in the early stages of the game as it is required to upgrade your gear and will eventually be used for jewelry.

Gem Stones are found in specific Stone deposits that have gems sticking out of them. These are a rare spawn in any location you can find stone deposits. Because of this any mine or quarry that contains a high number of stone deposits is a good spot to farm them.

Whenever you find one of these use your mace to collect the loot. You will receive random gems from the deposit. Because of the random nature of the drops it is highly recommend to always collect these when you find them.

You can also get gem stone from Stone Golems which are found all through Farbane Woods. These are a slightly tougher enemy but is another guaranteed way to farm Gem Stones.

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