A lot of the side quests in Scarlet Nexus will be eliminating certain types of enemies or killing them in various ways. The first few side quests are exceptionally easy to accomplish.

One such side quest called Trouble with Fire is to find an Other called Fuel Pool and eliminate two of them. To find this enemy is fairly straightforward. Use the fast travel system and teleport to Kikuchiba—Mid Level Shopping District or the Kikuchiba—Upper-Level Construction Site.

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We recommend the Mid-Level Shopping District to head to first. Once you have arrived, it doesn’t take long to encounter this type of Other. Both of these areas you’ve already been to earlier in the game.

If you have Hanabi with you. Make use of her SAS: Pyrokinesis, and you’ll make short work of these foes swiftly, as they are incredibly weak to fire. You only need to kill two of these Others to complete the quest.

Another side quest called Surprise Test, to kill Vase Paws can also be finished here, in the same area as the Fuel Pools for another easy quest.

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