There are three fruits that grow in Rune Factory 5: Apples, Oranges, and Grapes. While you can perfectly pick one to two of them daily from trees in Phoros Woodlands every day, it’s much more convenient to grow them in your farm. Plus, you can control the fruits’ quality, allowing you to make better food.

But to grow them, you first need Fruit Tree Seeds. These can’t be purchased from anywhere.

Before you can even search for a Fruit Tree seed, however, it’s recommended that you have the Foresight Crest with you (and equipped!). The Foresight Crest will allow you to spot hidden items. And you should know: all Fruit Tree Seeds are hidden items.

Livia rewards the Foresight Crest during a SEED Rank level up. You can level up your SEED Rank by:

  • Capturing Wanted Monsters
  • Fulfilling requests
  • Shipping a ton of items
  • Winning festival contests at Rigbarth

You can also take a Rigbarth townsfolk with you on an adventure and they’ll tell you if there’s a hidden item nearby. You cannot pick up Fruit Tree Seeds without some sort of detector.

Fruit Tree Seed locations

Tree Stump in Phoros Woodlands

Vine Tree at the Kelve Volcanic Region

The seeds found in these places are random, and there will not be a seed there every day. The ground will also not sparkle. You really have to move near and pick them up.

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