When you awake in this little camp in Greak: Memories of Azur, you can find a quest called An Escape Plan from Torus, who’s trying to build an Airship. You can find Torus by going west from where you wake up.

To complete this quest, you need to collect four pieces of Rope. Finding the four pieces of rope is not that difficult. You must travel west of the Raven’s Road Camp to Velhora Waterfalls.

Remember to have a space free in your Inventory, or you will not be able to pick up the rope.

Four Rope Locations

First Rope Location

To find the first piece of rope, jump over the three platforms, and continue left until you come to a broken bridge that you come double jump across. Instead of jumping across, fall down. You’ll see a blue mushroom below you—you can bounce on these to make your reach higher places.

Use the right analog to look down, and you’ll see another platform to your right, with another blue mushroom on it. Double jump onto the platform to your right, jump on the blue mushroom and continue right.

Keep going right, across a body of water, and you’ll enter a cave. The first piece of rope is at the end of this cave.

Second Rope Location

The second rope location is far to the west. Head back to the platform beneath the broken wooden bridge and double up to the platform to the left.

Jump down to the platform below, and take out the slime monster that’s there. To your left, you’ll see a blue mushroom surrounded by thorns. You need to jump on that mushroom and bounce up to the area on your left. Keep following the path west, and you’ll come to a room with the rope out of reach on a platform above you.

Beneath the platform, you can interact with a crank that will move a wooden platform next to it. Move the platform as far to the right as you can take it. As you let go, the platform will begin moving back to its default position. Meaning you have to be quick to get the rope.

Let go of the crank, then jump on the blue mushroom to the right to the platform above, then double jump towards the wooden platform. If you are quick enough, you’ll make it to the platform and pick up the second piece of rope needed.

Third Rope Location

From the second piece of rope location, head east without jumping back up to the platforms above. Jump on the two blue mushrooms and then fall down below. Head west, and enter the door. Inside is a Urlag, a species that you killed with the help of your sister in the intro.

Behind this monster is the third piece of rope. You can either try and defeat the monster and probably die. Or double jump over, grab the rope and flee back out the door you came from.

Fourth Rope Location

Head east from the door, and you’ll find a save point. Fall down again, and in the tunnel to your right is the third rope piece.

With all four rope pieces collected, head back to Torus to complete this quest.

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